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by Ivan Hamilton 3/28/2008 4:00:00 PM

I'd like to introduce you to my new baby. I've always wanted one of these... but they're just stupidly expensive. Tool shops sell the trolley for $600+ and the six drawer chest for $250+.

There's an important distinction to make when looking at chests & trolleys like these: slides (the runners that the drawers are on).

There are alot of cheap trolleys and chests available now but they all skimp on the drawer mechanism. Often called "friction" or "smooth action" slides, the drawers drag, skew sideways, stick and rattle. Yuck!

Friction slides - Cheap & Nasty

If you want to load up the drawers and not attack the box with an axe you'll need ball bearing slides... and that's going to cost you. 

Ball bearing slides - Expensive & Nice 

I'd been looking for a while, and had found the contender, a trolley and chest combo for $400 (+$50 shipping). I'd been watching some nice Supatool pieces on online auctions, but as is common with auctions... prices were higher than you could buy else where if you looked around.

Whilst strolling thru Bunnings one day, there was a pallet with brown cardboard boxes... not well marked... and $399 written in chalk. I recognised the SKUs from an auction I'd been looking at (they sold for way too much). It was a 3 pack including trolley, extra drawers, and chest. Bargain. So, I got one. I keep thinking I should have got two. (In fact I did get two, one for a friend, when I bumped into some remaining stock at another store).

Now I just need to load it up...

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