Servo Controller - Four Motors

by Ivan Hamilton 5/8/2008 1:35:00 PM

After a bit of a late night, I've connect four motors to my servo controller. I wanted to clean up the layout a little, and I think for a prototype, it's pretty neat.

I had recently finished fitting encoders to my other motors, and thought it was time to test the limits of the controller.

I had always designed my controller to handle four servos, but didn't have the hardware to test it. Armed with the extra hardware, I had the opportunity to see how well my theory would work in practise. Once again, I was very happy with myself.

There's a couple of things the keen-eyed will notice.

  • The motors don't always turn at the same speed - The test here is limited by the power delivered to the motors. It's set to output 33% max. Different motors will have slightly different performance, especially when moving in different directions. The motors I'm using slightly prefer one direction to the other.
  • The motors overshoot - the PID parameters aren't tuned yet.
  • The motors sometimes hunt - it's the cogging of the unloaded motor & the PID parameters aren't tuned yet.

This test was just sending serial set-point commands. The controller can also be able to decode STEP+DIR input from Mach3 and such (I haven't fully wired up the break out board yet).

I've put it off long enough, I think I'll have to work on the PID tuning...

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6/18/2009 1:56:43 PM

Mr. Ivan, i need your help in constructing this circuit. can i know the item and part that you use in the circuit. please reply via my e-mail. thanks for your help.


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