Mill Panel - Rewiring

by Ivan Hamilton 4/30/2009 10:48:00 PM

In my quest to add E-Stop control to the PC & Servos, and PC spindle switching I had already created a new mill panel front and relay holding PCB. All that remains it to rewire the panel.

The only wiring that will be kept is the 240V motor supply & switching (to respective relays), all other wiring will be removed and replaced. I've already removed the control wiring (most of it relating to the dubious "tapping" feature) and need to plan the final wiring (hopefully I can reuse some of the spade terminated wires).


 It's fairly straight forward (I'm not showing the 12V supply, or 240V neutral line). You can see the 5 spots that the PCB will need to link into the 240V wiring (well 6, 1 more for neutral). This will give me a very good idea of the wiring links required, and should allow for a well planned and neat job.

After some concentrated effort, here is the result:

Rewired Panel

You can see the the new relay circuit board hanging from the bottom (it will be mounted within the box). I must have had too much time as I even colour coded the wires (and heat shrink!). I had several pieces of the original harness left over, but what remains is much more functional. The next step is a relay driver board to take the signal from the CNC4PC C10 breakout board (5V at 24μA) and deliver 12V to a 320Ω relay coil (38μA). A little transistor is in order here. I think I might mill up a PCB...

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